Sneaky Unturned Patch, New Characters and Secrecy


Earlier today I made a quick patch to Unturned that fixed a few things and deleted all of the hacked items from the game. I did not announce it so that nobody would go onto some public server in an attempt to use a gun with 10,000 bullets.

I also spent some time working on new character models:

They have much nicer bone structure and UV maps, with more UV space allocated for the high importance areas like the face and the shirt. This means that clothes could have a bit more definition to them. I also made a cool idle animation system that loops a base idle animation but will occasionally play another one randomly like the foot shaking in the picture above or looking around.

In terms of secrecy I was thinking the other day that people get excited more about a lot of other games because they do not know much about what is going to come out soon or anything. With my games I have been very open explaining how things work, showing the development process and announcing things before they come out. I realize now that this kills excitement which is part of the fun of making games. I think that from now on I will not be streaming work on development except for demoing sneak peaks [which will be announced] and that there will be less insight into what is being worked on. I am not sure if this will mean less blog posts.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I might continue working on some other projects or a few new huge features I have been wanting to implement in Unturned for a while. [Hint: enhancing the survival aspect of the game]


One Day Developer Result: Star


Today I did not spend as much time making it as I normally would due to other stuff I had to do, but here is what I finished:

You can play the game at smartlydressedgames.com/star/game.html!

The game's premise is that you can pilot your spaceship around these randomly generated universes collecting resources to trade with people who need them. On your way your will encounter asteroid fields and angry alien spacecraft. When trading supplies you can upgrade your ship or buy new parts for it.

As of right now the game concept is interesting but overall it is a bit pointless. I think if someone were to take the idea and rebuild it with more comprehensive AI, the ability to land on planets and a build-your-own ship mechanic it could become a lot more interesting.

Thanks for reading and especially thanks to the people who stuck around making the twitch chat interesting. I may or may not work on anything tomorrow depending on some important things going on.

One Day Developer: Space


Today I will be doing a challenge on my stream twitch.tv/GregStevens where I will make a game in the space genre before tonight. At the end of the day everyone can play it if they choose.

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you there!


Fancy GUI


Today I was going to do a "One Day Development" event, but some issues came up with Unturned I had to fix so I postponed it until tomorrow. Aside from that I spent some time overhauling the unity GUI system:

By default unity draws GUIs on a per frame basis controlled by what you tell it to do on THAT frame. This system creates a class based GUI system which allows for things like menus sliding around or buttons moving together in fancy groups.

This should prove useful going into the future because it means that for things like your inventory GUI or something instead of just flashing it up onto the screen your inventory could slide down from the top and your HUD could zip out to the sides.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow morning I will be doing the One Day Development challenge which should be a lot of fun!

Unturned Patch Notes 29/12/13



- Option to use the scope models or images.
- Weapons have different ranges.
- Flashbang item.
- Singleplayer servers are automatically gold for gold members.
- New AUG iron sights.
- Are you sure button for menu/reset.
- Smoke grenade gas sound.


- Fixed grenade damage.
- Lootpack is not affected by shadows or lighting.
- Fixed megazombie hitbox.
- Flares provide less heat.
- Standing on a campfire fries you.


"I forgot my pass for Unturned, i tried to recover it but i can't. The recover email wont be sent"
> You must have incorrectly entered your e-mail in the first place.

> To victory, hats! [... 4 days later patch comes out with 400 hats]

Lots of people
"When the Master server online again?"
> A lot of people do not seem to understand what the master server is. Basically it holds all of your servers so that you can see them on the server list. The only reason it shows up as "down" sometimes is because either no-one is currently hosting any servers or a patch has just been applied and there are no servers for the new version of the game.


Unturned Patch Notes 28/12/13



I talked with the main wiki writer Deathismad today for a while and a lot of the patch notes today are ideas thanks to him.


- Cars interpolate which makes them look nicer when playing as a passenger.
- Item effects occur AFTER the animation.
- New M150RCO scope image.
- All the long range scopes show up as an image when you zoom in instead of a model.
- The laser sight originates from the tactical position so you can't use it to snipe anymore.
- Medkits are craftable.
- Different hitmarker when shooting barricades.
- New nuke crater model.


- Rad pills provide a bigger radiation boost.
- Fixed PKM spread.

Official Teamspeak


Sorry to MinecraftSurvivalNL who posted about his teamspeak yesterday, but I actually got this one set up a few days ago and it will be up more consistently.

If you want to talk with other Unturned players, discuss issues with me or come for community events you can hang out on the official Smartly Dressed Games teamspeak 3 server. It can be found at this IP:

I can't wait to meet you.

Thanks for reading. I have some ideas for the next few days that should be interesting and engaging for the community.


Smoking Wreckage of New Map


Today the new map came out and for the most part people seem to like it. I spent the entire today making patches for various bugs large and small and now it seems everything is working as well as if not better than before. Unfortunately, as usual, something works 100% when it is just me testing it but as soon as all you guys are playing it everything falls apart. You guys have been mostly understanding however and I appreciate that.

In terms of the loot bags I think I will leave them in with the hope that they cycle out of the loot as people gradually die with them.

If you are still experiencing issues with the new map make sure to post them, or if there is something you LIKE about it I would much prefer to hear about that! : )

Thanks for reading. Tomorrow I will continue to fix whatever issues are found, and I might spent the next few days goofing off improving my nature asset creation and sound effects.

Unturned Patch Notes 27/12/13



The new map is now in the game and you can go explore it. This means your position will be reset to a spawnpoint and all of your barricades that would now be underneath the ground or off in the sky have been deleted. The lootpack is no longer craftable. The new version of Unturned is only 8 MB which is 1/3 of the old file size! Undoubtedly there will be a few bugs with the new map so post any you find into the comments please.


- New terrain textures.
- Improved lighthouse model.
- Improved M4 iron sights.
- Improved hammer swing animation.
- Rotten food is more mild.
- Your temperature is lower in water.
- Removed ping on server list as most servers were not getting a response.
- Player can now only walk and jump up surfaces that are not too steep.
- Civilian cars and houses have color variance.
- You can use your scroll wheel on your inventory screen.
- Fixed a duping exploit that could be caused by swapping bags or using the beast perk.
- Added an easter egg for death_is_mad and tmb.


New map tomorrow!


Get ready and put your favorite stuff in your lootpacks because tomorrow the new map comes out. The day AFTER tomorrow the lootpacks will be removed.

Today I did a bunch of stuff and got a tape recorder to get audio for games at a boxing day sale, but other than that I got the new Unturned map mostly done FROM SCRATCH over the coarse of today. It has a few new buildings and models, and is much more balanced than any of the previous maps. It even has yards for most of the houses!

Tomorrow morning I will finish adding cars spawns, testing, etc and get it all ready for the game. You can expect it sometime mid-day.

Here's a teaser screenshot from the editor and a list of some of the new features:

- Cars and buildings have random colors.
- New models for buildings and new buildings.
- New terrain textures with more detail.
- Higher quality filtering for detail sprites.

Thanks for reading. I can't wait to see where people choose to PvP on the new map.


WHY Unturned Needs a New Map


Well first off I hope you had a nice christmas.

Secondly I would like to actually show people what the current map size looks like:

That is fully zoomed out in the editor. The red region is the area of the map some things are in and the blue is where nothing is yet.

The NEW map will be around the size of the red area there, but with better spacial management so that everything has a logical layout instead of the random placement of the current locations as well as more locations in between. Even in the red area there it would probably take around an hour to walk diagonally across, but you would not find an hour's worth of loot. The new map I want to design so that there is no wasted space and there is still a few minutes walk between towns, however the landscape is more designed with gameplay in mind and all the locations feel different.

Right now the main PvP location is Glennsville simply because it was the first decent place with a lot of cover. One thing I am excited for in the second map is the existence of tons of interesting places to PvP, so that you can expect people everywhere and people will want to hold strongholds at the interesting map locations.

Tomorrow I will begin streaming the landscaping and general map structure on the channel twitch.tv/GregStevens. Come watch to provide input on what areas should be setup like and see where all the coolest locations are.

Thanks for reading.


Happy Holiday

Tomorrow is likely the most celebrated holiday in North America at least, so I will be taking it off and I wish you a merry one as well.


Unturned New Map and Overgrowth


The "mega" patch turned out very well. I think I have fixed up most of the bugs, but if you find any more please make sure to let me know.

This is my layout plan for the new map:

I highly doubt I would ever change the map again after this next one. The current map is basically a testing area that was built up over the last few months without very much planning. Obviously the above map is not to scale and things will change, but overall it should provide an interesting layout. I expect it will take up around the same size as the current USED land area, but have a higher town density which will make it more interesting to explore. The fact it removes all of the unused space means that the game will take up less space on the server which is an added bonus.

In terms of the over the overgrowth the overall consensus is that it is bad, and while it is around 60-40 I add a bunch of extra weight with the fact the overgrowth causes a lot of transparent geometry which is expensive to render. With the new map I think I will remove the overgrowth from most things, but keep the assets so I can apply overgrowth to an overturned boat in a pond or the like. [one of the awesome things about designing a new map, secret areas like that]

Thanks for reading! I will not be adding anything new to Unturned for the next few days, but I might do a bit of streaming work on the new map and start working on it full tilt on the 26th. If I do work on anything tomorrow it will likely be more art assets for the new map like some docks, more houses, etc.

Unturned Patch Notes 23/12/13

Vote on this:


- Added more server error messages to make disconnections make more sense.
- Item taken message only shows up when the packet is received.
- Mega zombie walks slower than normal zombies, but takes more damage.
- Reduced grass and trees to reduce amount of transparent geometry.
- Fixed a bug when hitting the ground with a melee.
- Fixed silencer placement on the mosin.
- Fixed going through ladders.
- Fixed grayscale effect on the viewmodel.
- Fixed data not saving when you quit right after you died.

Looked into these "frame drops" people are experiencing after the update but cannot seem to replicate them. What are you doing when the frame drops occur?



The patch is going up today because some people might not be able to play it tomorrow, and I also cannot wait to do PvP with all these new guns!

There is temporarily a new backpack called the "Lootpack" that can hold tons of items so that you
can transfer your storage into the new map when it comes out. It can be crafted with 10 cloth. After
the new map comes out I will remove the backpack once you have settled in. In the end I decided to
do the anticheat TODAY instead of after Christmas, so there is a bit less content in this patch than
originally intended, but now the game should be safer!

Also some things are probably missing from this patch list because I forgot to write them down.


- Players with a ping of over 150 are kicked from MULTIPLAYER servers.
- Savedata now has much better encryption stopping edited items.
- Suspicion account status can be triggered.
- Duping items by two people picking them up at the same time should no longer be possible.


- Fixed third person holding stance for melee weapons.
- Fixed players flying through the sky when they die.
- Fixed a heli crash blocking the military base at heritage.
- Fixed loot spawning at the mine.
- Fixed police crawler and military crawler zombie health.
- Fixed radiation in the evacuation center.
- Fixed the biosuit not working.
- Fixed reloading when aiming down sights.
- Fixed zombies being dead, yet standing up.
- Fixed shadows on the M82.
- Fixed arm color when swapping clothes through the inventory.
- Fixed bloom values. [who knows why anyone would turn it on even now]
- Fixed cloud colors at night time.
- Removed shells item as they had no use.
- Fixed cocking of bolt action rifles when reloading.


- Alicepack backpack.
- Lootpack for transferring to the new map.


- Rotten apples.
- Rotten bananas.
- Canned chili.
- Hunger and thirst go down more slowly.


- PKM light machine gun.
- C8 assault rifle.
- AUG assault rifle.
- G36 assault rifle.
- M9 pistol.
- Ruger hunting rifle.
- Mosin hunting rifle.
- Mossberg police shotgun.
- 762x54mmR x100 ammo box.
- 57x43mm x10 ammo magazine.
- 762x54mmR x5 ammo magazine.
- PKM iron sights.
- C8 iron sights.
- AUG iron sights.
- G36 iron sights.
- Ruger iron sights.
- PSO 1 sniper scope. [spawns on vss]
- Shooting objects places bullet holes on them.
- All guns have a bit of spread aside from snipers.
- New red dot site model.
- Reflex site.
- Angled grip.
- Better metal impact sounds.
- Aim does not recenter if you use a high recoil gun.
- Light machine guns and snipers reduce your walk speed.


- Axe melee weapon.
- Knife melee weapon.
- Frying pan melee weapon.
- Golf club melee weapon.
- Katana melee weapon.
- Mailbox melee weapon.
- Sledgehammer melee weapon.
- Baton melee weapon.


- Driveable APCs spawn at the military base.
- Driveable tractors spawn at the farms.
- Driveable vans.
- Front end loaders.
- Dump trucks.
- Cars now have different speeds.
- Car tires are simpler allowing you to back up on a hill.
- Cars have a maximum speed, whereas before they could reach terminal velocity.
- Cars now provide different amounts of protection.
- Cars have different turning circles.
- An ignition sound is played when you enter the car.
- New sound for when shooting or running over an enemy.
- Cars can only drive half as fast backwards as they can forwards.
- Cars spawn with a random amount of fuel.
- Gas tanks at gas stations to refill petrol cans.


- Mega zombies at the city, military base and airport.
- Improved zombie audio.


- Gifts can now be opened.
- Items respawn, but very slowly and not in a logical pattern so they cannot be camped.
- Refill petrol cans at gas tanks.


- Ranger vest protective gear.
- Modular tactical vest.
- White tee.
- Red tee.
- Black tee.
- Purple hoodie.
- Ranger shirt.
- Khaki pants.
- Black pants.
- Ranger pants.
- Light brown hair color.
- Blonde hair color.
- Gray hair color.
- Crazy hair.
- Smooth hair.
- Pony tail hair.


- New clicking sound.
- New user interface style.
- Singleplayer button on the menu that takes you to a private server.
- Your screen loses color when you are close to death. [unless you use a drug]


- Improved docks and added military relief area.
- Crashed cargo ship into rocks near the dock.
- New way onto police roof for people with bases up there.
- Farm houses at farms.
- Each loot quality now has 5 tiers allowing for more control.
- Crowbars and sledgehammers now only spawn at construction areas.
- Knocked over the glensville water tower.
- Reduced pebbles and indoor overgrowth.
- Reverted map back to the forest style.
- Removed gifts from spawning.
- There are pine trees in the normal forests.
- Reverted spawn rates to what they were before.
- Made it easier to drive out of the military base.
- Increased spawn rate of civilian guns.
- Much more food spawns in grocery stores.


- Twice as many zombies spawn in at night time.
- Reduced car break efficiency.
- Footsteps are louder.
- Client damage is performed differently to fix a bug.
- Petrol provides less fuel per can.
- Camp fires only require 3 rocks to make.
- Improved M82 sprinting animation.
- Nerfed crossbow.
- Increased range of grenade and grenade audio.


Big patch, forums and feedback.


The big patch scheduled for the 24th is coming along very well and it adds a ton of new content to the game, as well as patching a lot of issues that have been raised. As always you can watch the development on the twitch stream at twitch.tv/GregStevens.

Today on the stream I decided that if anyone makes a proper good looking forum for Unturned that is not just some template I will officially recommend them through the website and blog. Let me know if you make a forum!


"Death_is_mad hacking i was in the apartment near the hospital put up some planks and put a POINT BLANK shotgun shell into his face"
> I sympathize with you, as I myself have had the same problem with him. I am a bit worried about banning him however due to the fact he is so involved with the wiki. As part of the anticheat upgrades I will be making it so that players with a high ping and therefore potential packet loss [causing them not to take damage] will be kicked. If this persists after the anticheat work I will ban him. The anticheat may also have some automated banning functionality built in.

That guy
"I believe the melee weapons should give the user a little extra speed whenever they are equiped."
> This would be cool, but it could be abused to escape from zombies and the like. In the new content patch some weapons reduce your speed though.


Solution to the new map controversy:


People are worried about the new map for two reasons:

1. It will be "too small."

2. They will lose their bases.

My solutions for these two problems:

1. I never said it would be small, but around the size of the current used landmass.

2. I will add a super huge backpack in this next update that you can use to bring over all of your supplies when I add the new map in January. After the new map I will remove that super huge backpack.

Thanks for reading. If you want to see the Christmas Eve patch in the works join the twitch stream at twitch.tv/GregStevens


New Map

EDIT: To clarify about the size of the map, it will not be some stupid small region. The problem with the current map is that the land mass is four times bigger than I could ever use and that nobody goes to most of the locations. The new map will be around the size of the current map except better balanced so that everyone wants to go everywhere, the locations are closer together and every location is more interesting.


I have decided that the current Unturned map is too big and as a result nobody goes anywhere. After this next big patch I will begin working on a new map that is smaller, but better designed. This means that your chests/bases/etc will be wiped in a few weeks so I would recommend beginning to use your stored supplies. Your inventories and stats will not be wiped. This map will probably not come out until sometime in January, so do not worry.

The new patch is coming along very well, and I expected it will come out on Christmas Eve. If you want to see it being constructed check out the twitch.tv channel twitch.tv/GregStevens!

Thanks for reading! I hope to see your on the stream.

Big Unturned Update Plans


For the next few days I will be streaming work on a huge update for Unturned. If you want to come see what is going on head on over to twitch.tv/GregStevens! I would also recommend collecting as many gifts as possible as they are related to this update.

I will not post any blog posts while I am working on it to make the update remain mysterious, but rest assured all your worries have been noted and I will be fixing them.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you on the stream.

"Greg, I made you some more models."
> Those are awesome, and look exactly like I would want them to look if I made them. How can I get in contact with you?

"My data and my base was wiped?"
> You probably erased your browser cookies. :(

"Theres no LMG's in the game..."
> This definitely needs to be resolved.


Unturned Patch Notes 19/12/13



I am now on winter vacation.


After the patch today we had an awesome time PvPing and tons of loot was carelessly discarded all over the place. At the end I accidentally left the game page and the server shutdown, and for that I am very sorry. Thanks for playing though! I had an awesome time.


Dave is not actually part of development or anything, and is not an admin whatever he may tell you. Do not worry. The only developer or administrator in Unturned is me.


- Game is in winter wonderland mode. There is snow everywhere, but you will not get cold.
- Added gift item.


- Reduced heat inside cars.
- Greatly buffed loot quality.




There is not a real reason this is called Beta other than that I called the networking folder Alpha.

Today on the stream we figured out some of the core aspects of Unturned singleplayer:
~ Find friendly NPCs and get them to group up with you.
~ Eradicate zombies from a town and your teammates can fortify it with you.
~ Zombies attack towns in waves and can over-run them if the survivors do not defend.
~ Zombies can bite your teammates to turn them into zombies.
~ There is a general story to the game that can be completed to understand how the apocalypse occurred.

On the stream we planned out the order of how things will be created, and today we got ALL the movement system done with some very nice clean code:


The movement system has all the features of the Unturned movement as well as:
~ Crawl underneath objects properly. [Unturned still blocks you from hiding under cars, etc]
~ Lean around corners.
~ Only come out of a crawl or prone when there is no object above you.
~ Better gravity.

Tomorrow the stream will continue to add onto this expansion for Unturned.


"I made you a P226, Greg. :D"
> Nice, but there are way too many triangles for the barrel. In terms of optimizing meshes for games it is a good idea to simplify geometry as much as possible and remove all unseen polygons.

"i dont like is how bunched together the spawn points are for such a big map."
> The spawn points are all actually quite far apart. Do not worry.

Unturned Quick Patch 18/12/13



1. At some point soonly laterish today I will get the stream up and we will get to work on Unturned Singleplayer.

2. Unfortunately the dedicated server will not pan out and is now offline.


- Fixed an issue with the ports on servers not working as intended.


"When I imperial units in Blender, does one square unit mean one meter?"
> Probably. Who knows. I use the grid units as a reference, but if you are off I will just scale it to size.

> If anyone can contribute to development then they can provide some examples of their work and I will check it out! :D

"i do not understand what's up with the lag"
> All the thousands of animals and zombies and calculated on the server host, and since you host the server it lags. Processing is segmented into chunks which highly optimizes it.

"Can you add a feature where you can pick up buildables that are already placed?"
> This would allow people to pick up barricades when they are about to be destroyed which I do not want.

"I updated the Beretta M9 I made earlier."
> Nice. I might add it, but I still feel it does not match the game aesthetic, sorry. I feel bad.


Unturned Patch Notes 17/12/13



1. This is not very important, but there has been some confusing over the administration. The only admin in the game is me, Greg, and to make things easier to understand I have changed my username from Admin to Dev. [username Greg was already taken and I wouldn't want to steal their account haha]

2. Tomorrow I will be working on "Unturned Singleplayer" on stream which follows the same principles as Unturned except with quests, NPCs, more zombies, harsher environments, etc.

3. Unfortunately the obfuscation system I was going to use does not work for the webplayer. Obfuscation of the code to prevent hacks would be possible in an executable format, however I do not want to change Unturned that way. I am looking into other options to prevent hackers from breaking into the source.

4. I looked into why the M4 iron sights look odd on the mesh, but I have no idea. It is not the hook points, the attachments, the animations or the model. Who knows.


- There is a mine that spawns construction loot.
- A dot shows up when no gun is equipped making it easier to pick up items.
- You stop bleeding after sixty seconds.
- Reputation shows up on the player list. It resets at death and ranges from freshspawn to satan.


- Reduced rate at which you bleed to death.
- Health hacks should be screwed up for a bit.


"I want to know how to rotate buildables (a lamp)"
> Press the [R] key. I probably should put that notice when you equip them.

"I was thinking, what if you added the ability to peak around corners?"
> I would like to add this at some point soon.

"I found your solution to unlimited web hosting w/ Unlimited Bandwidth"
> All hosting sites say they have unlimited bandwidth. They do not, unfortunately.

Thomas Scott
"I modeled a Beretta M9 for unturned and textured a 32x32 image."
> Awesome. I see that you like making highly detailed things, and even though you aimed for the style of Unturned I think it is a bit too detailed. If you can match the style of the game with more plain color and low poly graphics I will definitely add your things. I would also be interested in working with you full time if you can do some more realistic graphics as well.

Several People
"there are hacks"
> It is practically impossible to prevent hackers especially when they can decompile my code and ignore it in their hacks. I am doing my best to prevent hackers, but on the bright side there are barely any. If anyone can record proof of hackers and post it here I will ban them from the game.


Unturned Patch Notes 15/12/13



Tomorrow I will be busy with something so there will be no stream, no post and no patch unfortunately. I decided to push up this patch for today instead of waiting till tomorrow so that you guys can have some more fun in Unturned.


- VSS Vintorez automatic sniper rifle.
- 9x39mm ammunition.
- Backstory easter egg.
- More player spawns at glennsville and heritage.
- Better level design at glennsville.
- Improved zombie navigation.


- Fixed car spawn height.
- Fixed crane navigation at the top.
- Removed crosshair.
- Increased jump height.
- Increased footstep audio range.
- Increased the rate at which radiation, thirst and hunger go up.
- Increased the rate at which you bleed to death.
- Increased the amount of loot.
- Increased military zombie health.
- Increased walker damage.
- Reduced number of zombies.
- Reduced crawler damage.
- Reduced SV98 damage.
- Reduced interior foliage.
- Optimized the data send rate for servers.
- Optimized graphics settings.


I also added a new secret military camp. They were protecting the airdrop from zombies.


1. Think up an item that you want in the game.
2. Model the item and keep in mind that 1 meter in the real world is 1 meter in the game.
3. Texture it with a 32x32 simply colored image. Make sure it matches the game style.
4. Save it as a .blend file and include the texture you used.
5. Upload those files in a .zip format and post a link to it on the blog with some screenshots.
6. If I approve it I will get it out in a patch.


Mikolaj Matlacki
"everything looks sharp maybe try to smooth out the edges a bit."
> This can be achieved with higher polygon models. I try and keep the polygon count low to help people run my games with a higher framerate.

"i know of 2 hackers in unturned"
> Great to have you back, but I think you should continue youtube. Anyway I unfortunately do not want to ban people without video evidence to avoid unfair bans. In terms of your other question about anticheat there currently are some very small precautions, however most things I could do with anticheat would easily be avoided with code injection hacks. Sometime soon I will obfuscate everything in the game which will stop all of the simple hacks.

Gus Dubetz
"Even though a Roblox update caused the issues you experienced with Deadzone, you know as well as I do that there is always a way around it. You just haven't found the solution yet."
> Yes you can usually get around ROBLOX's stupid updates, but you really should not and it usually is a ton of work just to get a small thing working. It is understandable for a game to break a mod, but for a game about making games to break their own content is just ridiculous. I would appreciate it if you would stop making comments acting smart as you do not actually know very much about  the working behind the games.

"I want Greg to center the sights correctly."
> The particle effects are probably what is confusing you since there are no bullet holes. The particles appear in a random radius around the impact point instead of at the exact center. Either way there is already a script that makes sure the model is exactly centered in your screen so it should not be off by more than a few pixels at worst [which would be due to error placing the attachment point]. The only sights that are off as far as I know is the M4, but that is just the model's rail sight which I will fix soon.

Return, Stuff I Worked On, Corporation, Deadzone 1 and Unturned


Thankfully I am back all safe and sound and will begin making daily posts again.

Over the last week I spent a bit of time working on various things as seen below:

More graphical quality. I made an island you can explore with tons of foliage, nature audio, day/night and underwater areas.

Raytraced images. For the fast few months I have been working on a side project in java making a raytrace renderer from scratch. This week I made one in Unity as seen above and it ran SLOWER than my custom one made completely optimized for graphics which is a happy feeling. I may have turned up reflections a bit much.

I have decided to make my development process a bit more companyish. On ROBLOX I would make the entire game first and then handle the map and content. In unity so far I have been trying to leverage the graphics capabilities, but in the wrong order. From now on I will focus on making the actual game first with simple untextured geometry and worry about graphics and content once the core gameplay functionality is in place. This may seem a bit obvious, but the temptation to make what you are working on look good is always there haha.

Earlier I had a change to go and see what is wrong with Deadzone 1 and it seems mostly to be load times. I went on and made a quick patch to address some of the issues you guys have been messaging me about.

In terms of Unturned I will go back and do some networking improvements tomorrow. I was also thinking that a lot of games nowadays have a campaign aspect, but all of them suck. An open world apocalypse campaign in Unturned could be pretty awesome I think.

Thanks for reading.


Networking V3 [Final], Graphics and Absence


Today I added the rest of the important stuff to the new networking library:

- Hashing and hashing requirements to do networking activity.

- Web interaction without yielding required. [Not as much of a delay before an action is performed.]

- Reusable login and registration code that prevents abuse of the database.

- Optimized garbage collection for all classes. [Less memory use and less lag spikes.]

-  Found an obfuscation program to prevent people from decompiling the networking code and future code.

I also did two things in the field of graphics today. The first, retexturing the Unturned AK47 model to see how it looks and second figuring out how to have extremely low resolution normal/height maps:

For the next seven days I will be away while my Dad is on a business trip, so I will not be able to continue working on implementing the networking code without servers / all sources. I will spend a bit of time messing around with programming, and might have a fun little game ready for download when I get back.

Thanks for reading!  I'll see everyone a week from now. I thought this guide to Unturned was pretty decent so if you are dieing a lot check it out: Guide


 I was wondering if you could let people make mods
> This presents a problem since people can make mods that help them win. I think I would have to divide savedata into modded/unmodded. I am also considering making a "mod tool" that would let you import models for certain types of objects like weapons or props and then send them to me for review and tweaks.

I have to call ******** on the "grass doesn't cause lag" statement. If that was true, then why does my framerate drop when i'm in any grassy area but then go back up when i'm on a mountain or in a desert? Also, if grass didn't create lag, then why is the opening panoramic (which is zoomed out and displays no grass) lag-free?
> Like I said any lag is likely caused by the animals and zombies. When you are at the menu there is neither, and when you go into the mountains there are very few animals and zombies.

i lost every thing i hade exept gold can you help me my
> Unfortunately I have no ability to retrieve your data. If Unturned is remade then I will likely make it a downloadable game, as most of the data loss is caused by people wiping their browser cookies.

Is it possible to play on lan in this game?
> Originally that feature existed but after adding server passwords I removed it for the sake of simplicity. With the new networking code LAN would be easier.

Why do i get force disconnected from my own single player server if i am not lagging?
> Some public/school networks seem to block unity servers. If you have a bad connection to the internet the anti-speedhack might kick you.


Networking V2


Today I implemented the following features for the networking:

1. Objects can be deleted from the server at any point. When an object is deleted all other connected users see it removed and any people who connect afterwards will not see it.

2. Objects can be owned by players. The player has control over owned objects and when the player leaves their owned objects are deleted.

3. Objects with movement are automatically interpolated to make all other objects on the server look smooth when their owners move them.

4. Objects can have any number of properties assigned to them. When a player joins the server they load in all the current properties of objects. An example of a property would be if you had a magazine item then you might want to know how many bullets are in it. When a property changes it is automatically updated to everyone.

Tomorrow I will be working on adding server side authentication, adding plugin support for things like chat and building in methods for account registration/login.

Thanks for reading!


"Could you put an option in so that you can toggle the amount of grass?"
> The grass does not really add much lag, and people would abuse that to see others more easily. The biggest cause of lag in the game is undoubtedly the fact that there is usually around 500 animals and 2000 zombies in the world. [even though that is optimized through calculation culling]

"What's with how your exp stats don't save when you use another computer? This is an online game, with accounts and stuff."
> Host gator was going to kick me off the site when it originally saved to the database, so I had to convert to saving to your disk. The database currently saves your name, hashed password, e-mail, status, account id and the date your signed up.


New Tech & Networking V1


Today I did some looking into unity tech I had not really bothered with and learned about:

- Audio reverberation. This means that in any future games if you shoot a gun in a closed space it would be much louder and distorted than if you fired it out of doors.

- Wind. Unity allows wind zones to effect particles and trees. Some interesting uses of this could be a smoke cloud that dissipates when you shoot a bullet through it, or a helicopter landing that blows the trees away from it slightly.

- Lens flares. I have used lens flares before, but today I realized I can do it without an actual light object. This could be useful for optimization so that car headlights only have one light source, but look like two.

- Sprites. This was something Unity added in a recent update simplifying 2D games, but a side use of it could be making simple graphical effects in 3D like a simple glowing effect for a lamp.

- Master textures. This is a simple concept I used in the past, but today I looked into optimizing it and will probably use it in all my future games. What it means for you is less draw calls and more performance.

Aside from that I worked on the new networking library. I did not stream it because it is extremely boring for non-programmers, but the code turned out very nice and clean. I have commented everything and even a newbie could use this code. Today I made the basic delegates and events for every possible network operation, and wrote all the stuff for lobbies and replication. Tomorrow I will work on expanding replication and authentication. Sometime after that I will handle plugins.

Thanks for reading!


 Zack, I just logged on my fully decked out account, and all of my stuff is gone?
> You probably ran a program like CCleaner or cleared your cookies.

There needs to be a way for players to actually STOP blood loss.
> Maybe you should use bandages.

 very OP cause they won the games and has paid golden...
> I am not going to destroy my own game with overpowered abilities.




First off I am going to explain what I meant by hunger games, discuss upcoming work, then explain what I have decided on and finally go through all the feedback.

By hunger games I meant a game where you join a server and scavenge for weapons and supplies. Your goal is to take out every player and build an awesome fortress. When you die you get an amount of money based on how well you did [ie if you die first you get $1 and if you die last you get $1000000]. Once dead you can spend your money on upgrades or gamble on who will win the match in the spectator mode. In the spectator mode you can also use your money to help your chosen player by giving them care packages or activating traps in the arena such as forest fires or explosives.

Before any development begins on projects I am going to write a nice comprehensive networking library that will do a better job of handling things like player movement or object states. I have also decided that to reduce the number of buildings being made [the game maps have to be stored in the dedicated server program] I will just build the dedicated server application into whatever game it is instead of having the hosting where the host spawns in with everyone else.

Once I have gotten all of this networking stuff done I will review which game idea you guys want most [Unturned reworking or hunger gamesy thing] and start working on it on the stream. I will of course continue making blog posts over the next few days discussing the exciting developments for the networking.

I will now go through every single serious comment from the paste few days and reply:

What I would really want for Christmas is Combining ammunition c:
> This would indeed be a useful feature and I definitely implement it into either the current Unturned or the proposed reworking of it.

> There is hardly any hacking in this game unless you mean the occasional network desync that causes health issues, but that is the point of the reworking.

RoboMuffinz various suggestions
> Some of your ideas are utterly ridiculous, however I read them all and I like some of them.

 I would like to see a Long-bow weapon
> This presented an issue in Unturned, but with my new animation system it should be possible.

why not make so any one who had a gold account b4 you made the post about the website, keeps it. Those who got it after, or in the future should get some other type of donation rank
> I will consider this, but I do like the gold account system.

when i reset server i bleeding automaticcccccc without got attack by zombieeeeee
> Bleeding is saved when you leave or reset the server. Occasionally after death when playing online the game might make you bleed again due to it thinking you are still getting damaged by what killed you because of network lag.

Base the player interaction around player cooperation, rather than PVP
> I personally love the PvP and would like to see more of it. I will add some things to encourage people to help eachother though.

The physics for cars should be tweaked
> New networking code should allow for better cars. When you get out of a car it suspends it to stop idle bodies from having unnecessary physics calculations.

Vehicles should have some sort of durability rating to it,
> I originally planned to add this into Unturned, but I need to add repair tools first.

Players should only be able to be damaged while in a vehicle if the windows are shot,
> That is another thing I would like to add.

making it so you can be a zombie c:
> I do not think I will add this as it would be a lot of work for a mechanic most people would not use.

 leave Unturned running on the smartlydressedgames website. :(
> Unturned will most likely always be up.

It's like the host makes a room and everyone makes their own rules on where everyone is. The host should control where everything is, not the client.
> The host does control where everything is. The host calculates zombie movement and the clients move the zombies to where the host tells them to be. The client is only responsible for moving their own player around.

it has an alarm that could call the zombies to it, thus making it a great distraction tool.
> That would be a very cool feature. With the new networking code it would be nice to write some code just for things like that so there can be generic events that startle zombies in a specified radius.

 this is a Web Browser game. There is no way it could support multiple game modes. The unity file itself with all the assets take up a lot of space on a persons computer, but a single one with multiple game modes? Whoooweee, you could have to have a computer dedicated to JUST making the game.
> Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahha nope. Other game modes would take up maybe a max of 10kb for code which is hardly anything. Currently all the game files are around 300mb on my computer and the actual website version YOU download is 20mb. The web browser is nowhere near as limited as everyone seems to think it is.

will it be pvp of pvc( player vs computer)
> All of my big games are multiplayer PvP.

Perhaps you could have an option to go into a Hunger Games like sever or choose to stay with the style it is in now
> That is a possibility, but I would prefer for it to be one or the other for minimum maintenance.

apparently this game has to change every 2 weeks.....
> The point of innovation and improvement is change. Admittedly I was going off on a bit of a tangent there with the whole Crypt and fancy graphics stuff, but on the whole I get stuff done.

it's your game, it's up to you. Choose an idea YOU want to make a game out of, and make the game
> Unfortunately when I choose what to make I get death threat emails. Either way I prefer to let the community decide on pretty much everything to make sure that the majority of the playerbase is getting the best game possible. Of course if I have a strong preference and nobody seems to care I will override with my choice.

 Personally, I'm quite tired of it, but I don't know about everyone else. They seem to love it.
> Where have you found ANY other hunger games style games? o_O

Thanks for reading!




I will still leave a day before going over the feedback from yesterday, but I still have a few things to say:

1. The response so far seems to definitely be in favor of a newer Unturned experience.

2. I have found some much better audio for gun sounds that will make them feel very more powerful.

3. Today I was discussing an idea with someone at school about how there are no "hunger games" style games that are fully dedicated. Obviously there are mods, but what about a proper standalone type experience? What do you guys think of the idea that Unturned becomes a bit more hunger gamesy because obviously the two most popular things in the game are PvP and fortification. You would spawn into a random wild environment with other players and be forced to survive until only one person remained while constantly foraging and creating a base / traps.

Thanks for reading. Tomorrow I will reply to all serious feedback.


Unturned #1 Priority [Very important you read the part about Unturned proposal.]


Today I have got several things to talk about, so I will write them down here before I forget halfway through writing this:

1. Modeling animals and animation.
2. Unturned development cycle.
3. Priorities / out with Crypt.


What does not exist anymore


Today unfortunately I did not do a livestream because I was up to other stuff, but I also realized that there is a type of game that no longer exists: Adventure puzzlers. Some of the coolest games I played when I was little were Zork and Myst, yet nowadays nothing compares to them. I think that a modern version of these types of games where you can actually explore off the beaten trail would be amazing.

Tomorrow I will get the stream up with some people and animal modeling.

"I find it funny how the sand looks like tree bark x3"
> Yeah I think that the lighting was a bit harsh in that shot. Today I looked into it and figured out how to make the cracks sharper but the sand smoother. : )

"Anyways, if you would like an "Unturned Dev Team" started off, the community of Unturned would be glad to help."
> Sounds awesome! I think that user content like that would be pretty cool. Let me know what information you need. The most important information is probably: The player is 2m tall and all the textures are 32x32.

"Will you ever continue A Day In The Life Of You again?"
> I doubt it. I still like the idea though, so hopefully someday when I have a huge content creation team it can be re-initiated.




Today I made a small patch to Unturned that doubled the distance it offsets you on the Y axis when you join a server to prevent falling through the ground, so now if you can still manage to clip into the terrain geometry somehow I will be seriously impressed.

Aside from that today was busy, but I spent some time streaming and together we made some interesting improvements and knowledge attainments in the graphics department:

Earlier in the day:

Later in the day:

For those of you that were not watching the stream: All of the things in those pictures was modeled and textured by me, and I even tried my hand at making the lens flare which turned out nicely. All the textures were retrieved from an awesome website I found the other day called cgtextures.com.

It takes a while to make those more detailed assets unfortunately, however I think I could now make a much higher detail tree in less time so that is good. Making the skyboxes seemed difficult so I will definitely spend more time with that. The new method of creating grass turned out quite nicely so that will probably be re-used. Tomorrow I will be working some more on creating player and animal models and textures.

Thanks for reading.