A Day in The Life of You - Development #2


As seen in the image above, today I added food and water! You can go to shops and spend currency on food and water items, which are now required for your character to survive. If your character lacks food and water for long enough, he will die giving you the option to try again.

I didn't get as much done today as I was hoping for because I slept in and then went paintballing for the first time, however tomorrow I'm hoping to really have the NPC system nailed in to allow them to decide if you stole from them or not, and to properly man a cash register.

To do this I really need to finish figuring out what the people will look like. This presents a problem because even with my voxel editor, it is still difficult for me to make things that look good. I am thinking that to solve this problem I will make the people randomly generated, however I'm hoping that someone who is good at minecraft might be able to help me make some models.

As an afterthought, I am also thinking that the death system in this game is final, and that leaving will count as death. This means each time you reload the game or die it restarts from the base. What do you think of this idea?

In terms of donator benefits in this game: donators can choose to have NPCs named after them if they like, and they will of course be featured in the credits whenever those actually happen. As far as achieving the goal of getting Unity Pro, I have gotten $30 in donations and have raised almost enough to finish the $1,500 goal on my own. If you could help me make the last bit that would be great!

As always, thanks for reading! Post suggestions in the comments section if you have any.


  1. Bangthefishdied13.8.13

    Might donate something later, But on Day #3 can we have a download? :D

  2. when you guy release it?I like simulation game(s) very much.

  3. I would love a download and I recommend sethbling for minecraft models, watch his Youtube vids and maybe you can hook up with him!

    Day 3# Need Download bro! Excited!

  4. Anonymous13.8.13

    I like the perma-death for actually dying, but leaving the game should save your progress...

    1. Anonymous14.8.13

      Completely agreed. Leaving the game should save progress. If leaving the game didn't save your progress, I'm not sure I would EVER play this. What use is it to just get on for a few minutes then leave if you have to start all the way over every stinking time?

  5. Anonymous13.8.13

    Will this be multiplayer? if so add a group-system and weapons. Yet using weapons on someone or a NPC leads to you not being able to buy stuff at a store anymore, instead you have to rob it.

  6. will you ever get back to making Deadzone 2.

  7. Anonymous5.10.13

    He isn't doing a download I don't think, Because if he ever did a download again what are the chances of that happening again? Let the man take his time,and build a game... This is coming from a very,very dedicated man,And my name will never be revealed....