Unturned 2 Beta 2 Post 2


Update: Currently I am keeping an eye out fixing all the bugs that have enough info provided [if you just say you get kicked sometimes I cannot fix it just from that], but most of my attention is on fixing the "superbug." It seems to be something to do with barricade savedata, so if it occurs to you please send me the keys found in your registry under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Smartly Dressed Games > Unturned 2 with the tag Barricades.

In regards to adding things like chests/lockers, or an auto-updater that will come after the game is completely stabilized.


Issues fixed in version 158:
  • Improved bandwidth of sounds/effects.
  • Fixed claymore/landmine recipe.
  • More military airport loot.
  • Fixed fire recipes.
  • Fixed repair torch.
  • Fixed server list searching case sensitive.
  • Fixed zombies/animals setting off explosive traps in pve.
  • Fixed name of wooden pillar.
  • Zubeknakov fired too fast.
  • Fixed muffler attract range.
Issues fixed in version 159:
  • Fixed floor hole/ramp recipe.
  • When using an item it replicates deleting it client side, but still asks the server for verification and a sync. This will likely fix a lot of bugs, so bans for item hacks are re-enabled.
  • On the tutorial level guns spawn with full ammo.
  • Reloading when there is no magazine associated with the gun works.
  • Fixed crafting interface showing x0 with non-stackable non-ammo items.
  • Morphine fixes legs.


Unturned 2 Beta 2


Welcome to the second beta for Unturned 2!

It will be up for the next several days, and I will try to get a patch out addressing any issues each night.

There are no restrictions on beta area, but please keep in mind that everything is subject to change and tons of features/content will still be added after the initial release of the game sometime in the next few weeks.

Sorry for all the mac/linux users out there, but right now I am trying to isolate game specific bugs not as much as operating system specific ones. PERHAPS in the next few days I can get a mac version out.


NOTICE: If you experience a major bug such as not being able to equip items, not being able to interact, stuff not spawning, etc please post the contents of the file called output_log.txt inside the game_Data folder to the comments. 

Several people have sent me a log files which has narrowed down the no interacting/etc bug to have something to do with barricades, which probably relates to why sometimes you are reporting that you lag after placing them. Does anyone have any info on this? Does it only happen when hosting, only when client, or both?
+Thanks to Hunter Young for providing a ton of useful information on what could be causing this! :D

Please post any bugs you find, but most of all have fun!

Fixed issues in version 152:
  • Sorry about this patch, but I had to resolve an important issue with the auto-banning. These sort of issues are very important, so please report anything along these lines.
Fixed issues in version 153:
  • When the gun is on safety there is a hint to change firemodes.
  • Night is 33% brighter.
  • Speed kick is more tolerant.
  • More water spawns in civilian area.
  • More cars spawn.
  • Noclip penetration has higher tolerance.
  • When kicked/banned it provides why on the kicked player's client.
  • Fixed combining empty magazines.
  • Fixed backpack duplication glitch.
  • Fixed animation spinning issue.
  • Fixed navigation data at the airport.
  • Added more loot spawns to the helicopter crash.
  • Fixed food value for the chocolate bar.
  • Reduced the recoil benefit from marksman.
  • Fixed awaiting player bug with dedicated servers.
Fixed issues in version 154:
  • Found a workaround for the fullscreen pause so that tabbing out no longer kicks people for speedhacks, but hopefully unity fixes the core issue here.
  • Swapped network interpolation to use average elapsed time instead of a specific delay.
  • Added info for what the new version number is in-game.
  • Fixed fire hydrant height.
  • Only double XP/gold clothes on gold servers.
  • Fixed rag and bandage description.
  • Fixed backpack dupe with dragging in the inventory.
  • Fixed issues with character animations.
  • Fixed issue with dequipping clothes.
  • Added recipes for crafting nails/bolts.
Fixed issues in version 155:
  • Fixed visibility of lower panels in inventory.
  • Fixed inventory scroll reset.
  • Fixed new versions saying "beta complete."
  • Fixed buttons on the character menu with 800x600.
  • Reset savedata for in-game due to old corrupt saves with backpack bug.
  • Fixed honking when inventory open.
  • Added volume slider to settings.
  • Fixed health to not regen when sick.
  • Improved medical loot.
  • Fixed loading smaller clips into a gun with a full clip.
  • Fixed an issue with reloading shotguns after shooting a zombie.
  • Fixed guns spawning with random ammo.
  • Replaced car props in hangar with drive-able ones.
  • Fixed leaderboard showing when swimming.
Fixed issues in version 156:
  • Game opens default windowed which may resolve black screen issue.
  • Fixed crafting sometimes creating another item further down the tree.
  • Reloading chooses a magazine of the same caliber with bullets, so cmags can auto-load.
  • Choosing ammunition shows only magazines with bullets.
  • Removed rude filter.
  • Decreased rate of starvation and thirst.
  • Added ability for server host to respawn all animals, items and vehicles.
  • Sent deathismad a list of all crafting recipes nicely formatted for the wiki.
  • Fixed drug effects with scope.
  • Fixed speedkick to use packet received time not packed processed time.
Fixed issues in version 157:
  • Fixed loading the tutorial level crash.
  • Renamed homemade silencer to the muffler.
  • Increased the height of the well.
  • Items from chopping trees/rocks appear after the model was swapped to prevent any hitbox issues.
  • Fixed saving inventory size after putting on a new backpack.
  • Improved inventory scrolling system.
  • Fixed animations for zombies not existing when the die information is sent loading the server.
  • Fixed zombies running to the left and right of the player.
  • Fixed reloading stackable ammunition.
  • Fixed description for interacting with notes.
  • Fixed vehicles putting you underwater serverside when crashing into water resulting in a noclip kick.
  • Added a extra safeguard to reduce the damage of the barricade bug until it can be determined what is causing the barricade bug. 
Reported issues in version 157:




Today I worked on several anticheat measures as well as touching up features and fixing bugs.

When someone is banned or kicked from the server it will provide a notification based on what happened. If, for example, the server host bans someone it says "Server owner banned [NAME]." whereas if the anticheat detects a cheat it says "Banning [NAME] for [CHEAT]."

Another anticheat related thing is server-sided status detection, so that when a player connects to the server it now validates that they are who they say they are. This way hackers can't connect with a gold account and then steal someone's username, or it bans them for identity theft. :D

Thanks for reading! I think that I will TRY to get beta 2 out for tomorrow night, but it depends on how well bug testing goes.

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Today I fixed a TON of bugs and added a bit of new content/features such as:
  • Fertilizers for plants.
  • Craftable attachments, such as the homemade silencer.
  • Berries that can be found on bushes. Some of them are bad for you and cause hallucinations.
  • Rude language filter for chat and notes.
  • Refillable canteens.
Thanks for reading! Today I got the game set up to be ready for beta, but I think I will still take the next few days to work on fixing and improving things. We will have to wait and see.

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Today I fixed a ton of bugs and added some new items:

The game's first sniper is the timberwolf, an extremely rare bolt action rifle. It's a one shot headshot to the head with no helmet and a one shot bodyshot with no armor.

I also added several other items such as boxes of tracer rounds for crafting, bipods, the 20x scope [as seen above], military grade night vision and the magnum revolver.

There is now a dark user interface for gold members! I personally think it looks a lot nicer, but it is still bright enough that it works really nicely at nighttime.

I have decided that there is more I would like to do before the final beta, so it will likely be next weekend instead.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will be working on adding power requirements and alternative sources of food/water.

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Today I fixed a ton of things and got some new features/content into the game. To mention a few of them:
  • CDN8 rifle for military bases.
  • KZ47 rifle for militia locations.
  • Magazines can come with 0 bullets in them. This means you can now refill magazines with bullets. 
  • Zombies are only alerted by you when you are visible to them.
  • Zombies can be alerted to a position. Shooting your gun will draw zombies to the position of the gunshot so that you can escape while they look around, or throwing your flare will draw them to the light.
  • New footstep sounds, and different variants to prevent repetition. 
Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will be deciding if there will be a beta on Sunday, adding a new gun and improving various things.

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Today I fixed piles and piles of bugs and implemented the highly anticipated bow:

I didn't want to write some low quality port for the bow using gun code, so I put a ton of effort into making it feel like a proper bow. It has some really unique sounds and animations as well, so I think people will like it. It is even fairly easy to craft!

Today's bug fix list is so big I can hardly view it all on my monitor, but rest assured they are all fairly minor things not big game-breaking bugs.

I think from the poll yesterday we can see that people want another beta which is probably a good idea, as it will improve quality assurance for the game. I will see IF it can be done this weekend, perhaps on Sunday, but it may be postponed until another day.

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will be adding some more weapons such as the Zubeknakov47 and fixing various bugs that come up.